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             OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2016 ~ 2017           


Parliamentarians: Jeri Bowen


Facilities Manager: (Equipment): Lauren Pellegrini


Co-Hospitality: Robbie Eben, Jan Ryden, Kathy Calagias & Barbara Belman

Workshops:  Susan Marino, Leslie Schilo & Lynn Tippens

PIF Block Project: Elizabeth Bartolomea


Mini Groups: Jeri Bowen


Quilt Mom: Susan Joyce


Newsletter Editor & E-mail distribution: Carol Hicks

Postal distribution: Karena Reid

Philanthropy: Debbie Hebner

IFFI Co-Chairs: Cheryl Cederquist & Dru Volk

L.A. Veteran's Quilt Project: Karen Van Den Brink

Library: Debbie Brown & Jean Della Monica

Webmaster: Laurie Hurst


  •  = Elected Officers

    Standing & Special Committees ~ Appointed (In Italics)


Note:  By clicking on any of the underlined names above, you can send them an email message.  

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Valley Quiltmakers Guild

August 01, 2017